TMC configuration
  • I use the navigator 11 free edition on a device with winCE 5.0 core (Navgear GT-43 from Pearl) with a TMC Module from Royaltek (RTA 3000 Ro) connected via mini USB to Navgear GT-43.

    According to RTA 3000 Spec 9600 bps are supportet; no details about COM are given.
    In the original Navi SW (IGO8) installed on the SD Card of the Navgear GT-43 device I have found the following settings:


    So, I defined in Navigator 11:


    ... but TMC does not work.

    What can I do?

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  • I am guessing here, but most TMCs are working on 38400 baud rate - try that
  • Thanks Tomas. You gave the right hint.

    With 38400 baud rate it works now.

    Harald Thomas

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