Creating route with multiple waypoints is cumbersome
  • I often create a route with 10 - 25 waypoints using entries in one or more POI files.  The use case is making a route for a day of bicycling where I need to follow designated bike routes rather than just the fastest route.  The sequence of steps to add each point is presently cumbersome.

    1. Go to main screen on app
    2. Select 'Search imports'
    3. Scroll down POI list and select desired POI file
    4. Scroll down list of POI points and select desired point
    5. Select 'Set as waypoint'
    6. Swipe from left to get to map
    7. Swipe from left to get to main screen
    8. Repeat steps 2 - 7 for each waypoint

    Imagine doing that for adding 25 waypoints to a route.  Then, imagine doing that for daily routes on a 7-day bike trip.

    It would be very helpful to be able to select multiple POIs from a POI file and have them added to the route at one time.  Then in the 'Route info' screen, one can rearrange the waypoint ordering as desired.

    Since I label the bike route points in the POI file with a date and sequence number, having the default ordering of the POIs added to the route follow normal alpha-numeric ordering would greatly reduce the re-ordering needed in the 'Route info' screen.
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  • Would this make it easier? Just done several routes and used this method . Once you get the GPX file, just load it to MapFactor
  • Added information. On Google maps using directions. Get a start and end destination. Once showing on the map. Right click on a location that you want to add and select add a destination. You will see it added on the list of location in driving directions. Continue on with all your waypoints. Once completed. Follow above instructions.
  • Thanks for the suggestion.  However, what I am doing requires making entries in the 'Route info' screen which then ends up as a route listed in the 'My Places\routes' screen.  The departure, waypoint, and destination information is contained in the favorites.xml and routing_points.xml files.  So, a GPX file is not what is needed in my case.
  • Convert the GPX  file to XML and load to MapFactor.
  • I have a Garmin GPS and my favorites are saved in a GPX folder on the unit. I converted the GPX to a CSV file. Went through the file and deleted way points I didn't want to use on the phone. Converted final file to a XLM and transfer to the phone and it went to my places on MapFactoIr.

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