The forum is not resistant to spam, something needs to be done.
  • Perhaps the spambots can also gain access at the database level. In any case, they are a nuisance, and the destroyed chronological order of the threads seems to be irretrievably lost. ChatGPT found some Methods:

    Here are some measures you can take to prevent or mitigate spam in forums:

    1. 1.Use CAPTCHA: CAPTCHA tests determine whether a user is human by asking them to enter the letters on an image or solve a simple math problem. This can help prevent automated spam​1​. 

    2. 2.Set links to 'nofollow': When links in the forum are set to 'nofollow', search engine crawlers are instructed not to follow the links, deterring SEO spammers from spamming your forum​2​​3​. 

    3. 3.Use blacklisting services: Services like fspamlist, StopForumSpam, and BotScout maintain databases of IP addresses, usernames, and email addresses used to post spam or register forum accounts​4​. 

    4. 4.Flood Control: A method aimed at preventing automated spam by programming a wait time into the posting process to enforce short intervals between postings, thereby preventing forums from being flooded by spam bots​5​. 

    5. 5.Block foreign IP addresses: This can be an effective method, but it can also be time-consuming and possibly not as effective​6​. 

    6. 6.Require email confirmation: Ensure that you require your members to confirm their email before you allow them to post​3​. 

    7. 7.Enable anti-spam plugins: These plugins can automatically detect suspected spam based on links, IP addresses, email addresses, and the comment itself​3​. 

    8. 8.Restrict editing of comments: Don't allow comments to be edited after a few minutes have passed, as spammers might exploit this to add spam links later on​3​. 

    9. 9.Encourage community involvement: Ask members to support moderators and report spam​3​. 

    10. 10.Strict moderation: Moderators and admins should review the spam queue on a daily basis, ban spammers, and delete all their content​3​. 

    11. 11.Restrict who can post links: Only allow members who have proven themselves and have a good reputation to post links​3​. 

    12. 12.Clearly lay out your community rules: Provide information on advertising and partnership opportunities you might offer and make it clear in the community guidelines what is and what isn't acceptable promotion. This can help with accidental spammers who are trying to legitimately sell something to your audience​3​. 

    These measures can be implemented individually or in combination to reduce or eliminate the amount of spam in your forum.

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