Recovering files on SD card
  • Yesterday a few minutes after using navigator I noticed that I didn't access the SD card one the phone (Moto Android).

    I've no idea what caused it, not blaming Navigator.

    I had to copy the card contents to Ubuntu and reformat the card, then reformat it on the phone and then copy the files back from Ubuntu.

    Great. The card is recovered but Navigator now thinks it's using the maps and other data from the internal phone storage.

    If I try changing to the SD card in settings then it wants to overwrite the SD card files and I think I will lose all my favourites and have to download the maps again.

    Is there any way to edit the settings files so that I can switch back to the original SD storage without losing anything ?
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  • first move Navigator to SD using feature in Navigator and then copy files from to SD from Ubuntu
    you can always backup user files to Play or user defined folder before doing anything

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