Mapfactor Navigator app becomes very sloooooow after several hours
  • Hello.
    I have Mapfactor Navigator 7.3.32 installed on a Redmi Note 8 with android 11.
    (but the problems I describe here allready existed in older versions, and in fact, when reading this forum it's here since at least 5 years...)

    When I start say a motorcycle trip of 400 km with about 100 points all is well for the first hours, and the app responds normaly.
    I can add, skip  or delete points, move the map with the finger, zoom in or zoom out with no lag.
    But some times after say 4 or 5 hours, albeit navigation is still working, the app becomes extremely slow when I want to modify something.
    For example if I tap the screen to add or erase a point, the menu poping up from the bottom of the screen takes sometimes more than 20 seconds to appear, and when it finally appears the different actions (add a point, delete a point, etc...)are also very slow.
    Same thing if I want to move or zoom the map by moving the finger(s) on the screen, sometime the reaction comes after more then 10 seconds, or even there is no reaction.

    In such situations, when I stop Mapfactor and restart it again, all becomes OK again, and I have no lags (for some time)
    Looks like a problem with memory managment perhaps ?


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