Mauritius mca Map bugs
  • Hello,

    The updated map for Mauritius Island available for Navigator FREE has got a bug. I believed first that it was due to a bug in the OSM map. But this is not the case as OsmAnd  using the same OSM map source does not show the problem.
    Between 2 roundabouts (20°17'12.2"S / 57°31'29.3"E and 20°19'15.6"S / 57°32'31.3"E), the existing motorway M1 cannot be used.
    It seems that the conversion from the OSM source (which is correct) to the .mca maps failed somewhere.

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  • It does work fine for me in both ways. I have the 44-201410150 map.
    Are you sure you didn't disable the motorways?
  • Thanks for your feedback .
    The motirways are of course allowed.
    I am using the latest version dated in November 201411130 and Navigator PC 14 to check the map.
    When selecting the trip from Port-Louis to Mahebourg, the route leaves the motorway a few Km after Port Louis (around Curepipe) and goes back on the same motorway a few Km ahead between these 2 towns.
    Do you see the same default ?
    Which Navigator version are you using ?
  • Yes, you are right. It is an error in Navigator.

    I tried two other ones and both route correctly over the M1. Neither can I find errors in OSM.
    I can only think that it is due to the Wooton roundabout which has u-turn restriction tags which are not correctly interpreted.
    If I calculate a route straight after Wooton roundabout to Mahebourg, the route is correct.

    Just before the roundabout gives a "no route" error.

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