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  • Hi !

    I've been using MapFactor Navigator 12 Free on an HP ElitePad and Windows 8.1 with great success for a while.

    I recently updated to 10, and the application doesn't 'find' the GNSS device anymore :(

    I tried the latest version (15), same problem :(

    Any suggestion ?

    Thanks in advance !
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  • you may need to install drivers?
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. The 'Broadcom GNSS' device is correcly installed (and was detected perfectly under W8.1).
  • I found a new 'parameter' in Windows 10 to allow "localisation" wich allowed the GNSS device to be selected in the application.

    Unfortunately, so far, I have no fix :(
  • Well, It looks like I'll revert back to 8.1 until something is done either by MapFactor or Microsoft to allow this to work ...
  • try reboot Windows10 and test GNSS device with other application.
  • I have the same problem with Win 10.
    What you mean with GNSS-Driver ?
    What is this? Where can i get it ?
  • Oh i've found it. It is the GPS-Driver.
    But why must i install it on my Win 10 PC?
    Here i want install the Software and the Maps on my SD-Card. The Driver is only for my Naviciever needed ...
    I think, the Software MapFactor Install Utility has a problem with Win 10
  • Hi,

    I use a HP ElitePad that contains a Broadcom GNSS device. This is the 'new' GPS things ... that don't use a COM port to be accessed but an API.

    This was working well under 8 (at least if you activate the location and that the driver of the device is up to date) but, so far, can't get it to work under 10.

    I reverted my ElitePad to 8 and navigation works back, I will image the system as it try 10 once more :)
  • I migrated my Acer Notebook from Win7 pro to Win10 pro and have up to now no problems with MFN.
  • I had similar problems with my Asus Vivotab 8, which also contains the Broadcom GNSS device.

    It took me such a long time to come up with a simple solution, that I felt almost ashamed. Reset Windows 10, see:

    (I guess that the Windows 8.1 driver is not updated correctly during the upgrade to Windows 10. The reset causes the loading of a correct driver.)

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