Test of Android version 4.0.x
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  • @Roldorf
    well, I followed your three-point instructions from 15th May and have no problem finding hotels (or any other POI group) around destination
    Radisson, Ramada, Classico, Atlantic

  • Version 4.0.45
    I imported a GPX file with route points which worked fine. It calculates a route fine. Instead of the name I gave it, it gets automatically the name "Nieuwe tussenpuntenlijst 1" (Dutch). When I try to rename it, the route disappears and is no longer available. Neither after a restart. No matter which name I use (like simple aa), it disappears.
    When I simply exit, the route is auto-saved with the auto-generated name.

    If I simply save (save current route), I can give it name but it is added next to my existing just imported "Nieuwe tussenpuntenlijst 1", so now I have 2 identical routes. I can't rename either of them.

    Workaround: Import route with standard auto-generated name, use button "save current route" giving it the correct name, then delete (or rename :) ) auto-generated imported route.

    Workaround: Remove current loaded route from navigator, Import route with standard generated name, use button "save current route" giving it the correct name, then delete (or rename) the auto-generated imported route.

    Please fix.
  • @amlumsden - I am still waiting on feedback on two APKs I sent you, also there is nothing new on my side

    @Roldorf - I fixed the issue, it will be in 4.0.47+. Note that the issue was there only when SW renderer was active

    @hvdwolf - There was a bug with renaming routes which has no group. All your lost routes are in routing_points.xml but there not visible (their names are starting with "!#IN -1"). I fixed the issue in version 4.0.47+
  • @lubos, sorry for the delay in responding but I was away longer than expected.  I have emailed you directly.  Many thanks for your help and apologies again for the delay. 
  • @lubos

    Many thanks Update to 4.0.47 POI searches, nearest, map center etc now works with SW renderer on all my devices.
  • 4.0.47 also fixed the renaming of the routes (which are not in a group).
  • in 4.0.48  voice stutters
    Today I noticed that the commands are spoken by a stuttering voice. Not always. Sometimes the sound is ok.  But regularly the sound has hickups so fragments of the command are gone. And then I can not understand the spoken command.
    This happened with the dutch recorded voice. I changed to the english voice but the problem remains. It looks as if mapfactor is busy with someting else that has a higher priority then sound.
  • Since re-installing version 4.0.48 after testing a couple of builds, Navigator doesn't recognise my local backups nor my favourites although both files are there.  Am I missing the obvious? 
  • @amlumsden: Check whether your new data is on external memory or internal memory,
  • @hvdwolf,  data is on external memory.  Placed backup on internal memory but every time I try to restore, the app hangs.

    Also noted that I still have problems with hardware rendering which seems to be related more to TomTom maps rather than OpenStreetMaps.  Very strange.

    EDIT:   Noticed that my backup seems to be corrupt so that solves one problem. :(

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