Traffic lights can be used for better destination time calculation
  • Hi,
    I do not know if it maybe is already implemented ...

    The last time i used the navigator i was driving in Bremen on the "Kurf├╝stenallee" from west to east ( ).

    On the satillte view from google maps (,8.8757929,333m/data=!3m1!1e3 ), you can see that the main road is like a bridge (over the street "In der Vahr"). The navigator routed my down the ramp (167261447) so that i had to stop at the traffic lights (at the "In der Vahr"-street, node: 2212171044) ) than straigt ahead to drive up the ramp (way:167261450) to get back to the "main road".

    Maybe it would be a good idea to add a fixed time of (e.g.) 15 seconds to the time needed to drive a way with a traffic ligth. Therefore streets without traffic ligths would be faster than eqal roads with traffic lights. Additinally it would get a more precisely time calculation to the destination.

    Maybe the value of the "mean waiting time" could be edited addtionally be the user.

    Thanks a lot,


    ps. By the way, is there an update of the "cameraligth" and the "cameraspeed"-maps planned? The lasted versions are from 2013-02-14.

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  • We had this kind of discussion several times already - but no implementation :-(

    It is really true, that time calculation is really wrong (much too fast) when trafic lights are on the route.

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