Corrupted routing_points.xml
  • I am using navigator free on an Android device since about a week.
    I have encountered a severe bug:
    When I add my favourites to a route (one as start, one as destination), I cannot use the "Navigate" function anymore: the app would crash, no matter from which point the Navigate function is called (even if outside the route functionality).
    When trying only to calculate the route, the app would run into a infinite loop.

    I have discovered that both issues are caused by a corrupted routing_points.xml in the navigator folder.
    Assume that your route list is empty, and you then add both your favourites to it, then the mentioned XML file will look like this (inserted is the whole content):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><routing_points><default_set><dep
    or (another try) this:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><routing_points><default_set><destination><name>***whatever***</name><lat>***whatever***</lat><lon>**whatever***</lon></destination></default_set></routing_poi
    As you can easily see, there is a whole part missing at the end. When I manually add the missing data, the app runs fine again.

    However, this is of course just a workaround. I'd really like to be able to use the route functionality ;-)
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  • Are you able to repeat this bug from empty routing_points.xml (if this file is missing it should be automatically created)?
    thank you
  • This is what I did when fixing the file myself: I emptied it, leaving only
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><routing_points></routing_points>
    As soon as I add a Favourite as a starting routing point, the file is corrupted again.
  • close navigator and delete routing_points.xml - it will get recreated
    then try to recreate corruption
  • it if does not help & it is not secret, can you send your favourites.xml file with log files from /sdcard/navigator/log folder to with reference to this discussion?
    thank you
    p.s. it could be that the coordinates are "somehow special" or maps are corrupted in that part (??)
  • Believe it or not - since today, I cannot reproduce it anymore. I restart my phone each day so that was not the actual solution. I did not change any settings neither.
    Using the same favourites as before, the route now gets calculated.
    That won't help you much :-/

    BUT I tried something different: I set up the route as before, and instead calculating it, I called function "Navigate". The application says "Route is being calculated", the card with my current position is shown for a second or two - and then the app closes itself, without any message.
    If I first calculate the route, watch it, and then call Navigate, it additionally shows a message: Navigation has been canceled. The app does not close, it shows me the card then. However, no navigation possible.

    This issue still persists after deleting the whole routing_points.xml and choosing the starting and ending points again. However, the routing_points.xml is not currupted this time.

    An e-mail is on its way, thanks in advance.

  • is the destination where you are by any chance?
  • Very good point!
    I did some further testing. The crash after Navigate happens whenever the destination routing point is equal with the current GPS position.
  • this is a known bug, we hope to fix it soon
  • Allright. Can you already roughly estimate when the next Android app udpate will be released?
  • if it is not next week, then difficult to say as holidays will be taken by many programers
  • While I was investigating the XML file, I aparently saw a wrong file state.
    Could you please investigate whether the app somehow does no save changes to the XML files correctly?
    Please see for details. It was me posting the topic there and  Navigator for Android the app I was mentioning there.

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