Speed camera alerts
  • Hello,
    I am trying to use the speed camera alerts but it doesnt work for me. I dont know if the reason is that the speed camera from imports is out of the road or 
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  • can you look in settings/camera and see if they are switched on?
  • Yes, they are switched on, cameraspeed and cameralight. I have switched on the speed alert also, in enabled mode, the first mode.
  • and do you have the following two files in the navigator\data\ folder?
  • yes, I have the 2 files in the folder.
    I dont know if is important but, in sounds, I have only the spanish sound installed and I am using CM9 nigthly rom on SGS.
  • I am not sure that I understand the proble - you cannot hear sound or you cannot see cameras on the map?
  • Sorry if I have explained bad the problem.
    The speed cameras are showed in the map well.
    The problem is that I cannot hear the alert sound.
  • this was a bug in one of the previous versions, please update Navigator
  • Ok, thanks.
    I will try the next time and report how it goes. Or can I simulate a route to test the sound??

    Edit: in simulations It doesnt work.
    Mapfactor version: 0.9.112
  • Hi,

    I updated today Navigator Free and the mca files and now I don't see the speed cameras. I see only the light cameras. The files seem rightly installed. Is it due to my country which is France (special local rules regarding cameras !) ?

    In the settings, I see "Speed alerts" but I don't see Settings/Cameras. All the maps are checked.


  • try to download speed cameras again
  • I downloaded a 2nd time without success. The file cameraspeed.mca is installed but I see only the light cameras.

  • in settings/cameras as a datasource?
  • sorry, can you see cameraspeed in settings/cameras as a datasource?
  • I don't see settings/cameras, only maps, speed alerts, navigation, ...
    I can send you by email some screenshots.

    Another strange point : I have to select the language each time I run Navigator Free.
  • which version do you run?
  • I see, you have PC version, please look in
    settings/speed warnings/camera sources
  • I cannot try at the moment. I'll probably uninstall everything regarding Navigator but I did not have any problem with the previous version. I have just installed the new mca files and, because they were not compatible, I installed the new version.
  • which countries are covered by the speed and red-light camera databases? I saw it working occasionally in germany but never in switzerland? Are there databases per country or continent ? Are there alternatives?
  • I have the same problem i can see the cameras but there's no warning sounds, I check and all the files are there, i have an Galaxy S3 and i tried on both ICS and JellyBean and on none of them it works, does anyone know how to fix this?  
  • please provide version number and sound file version
  • navigator version is 0.12.15 and sound is english v. 200809171 and i don't know if need it but the cameras version is 201207230, thnx
  • so no one know anything about this?
  • do you have sounds_xx_signal.mca in the navigator/data folder?
  • yes i do have that file
  • On android are the warning sounds in /sdcard/navigator/warningsounds/ folder ... they unfold when you first install APK.
  • all the audio files are were it should be but still no sound, i played the files with an audio player and they're ok so... I dunno, I already paid about 30 £ for the truck version of the software but this is a big minus for me
  • ok, my problem was solved with a factory reset of my phone and manually delete of any navigator folder if you had it installed on external card, probably it should work only with deleting the app data, uninstall, deleting the navigator folder and reinstall again.

    After factory reset of my phone I can't download the truck paid maps, I only have the option to pay for it again and I hope this will be solved.

  • the problem with the sounds is, that when you moved the data to external_sdcard, but the programm is still looking for the sounds on the internal sdcard (may be it's not a bug, it's a feature ;-)). I had the same problem, then I created a folder called "navigator" on the internal sdcard and copied the folder with the warnsounds in this folder -  and ... tatatata it works!
  • bonjour,
    j'ai la version 0.13.27 et je n'ai pas le son d'alerte des radars .Les radars sont matérialisés sur la carte mais je n'ai aucune alerte sonore.
    Merci de me donner la marche à suivre pour activer le son .
  • Just a quick question, after reinstall the latest app and downloaded the UK maps there's no option to download the speed cameras and there's no cameras anymore on the maps. If I go 
    to settings, camera it say there's no speed camera installed and it give the option to download them but after pressing the button just appear an empty  download page and no camera files to choose from. so are the speed cameras disable or its a bug?

  • Speed cameras moved into shared "commonMaps" section ... and there was a bug in 0.13.27 - you will need 0.13.30+ ... updated APK link http://download.mapfactor.com/mapfactor_navigator_0_13_x.apk
    p.s. update on Google Play will be later ...
  • Přidal jsem si do mapfactoru vlastní poi do složky data, vytvořené pomocí programu digger 12. Vytvořil jsem si i vlastní mobilní radary, ale když je označím aby mě mapfactor upozorňoval na tyto radary tak se označení přesune úplně na jiný poi a nelze to změnit (nemyslně jsou označeny i jiná poi). U radarů stažených přes mapfactor označení zůstává. Mám map factor 0.13.32 i jsem vše smazal a nově přeinstaloval.Díky

  • dobry den, moc nerozumim co myslite tim 'označení přesune úplně na jiný poi'
    zatrh jste si polozku speed cameras pri importu?

  • Dobrý den. Do složky data jsem nakopíroval soubory mca vytvořené z www.poi.cz(hrady apod..). Mám jich tam asi 15. Tyto soubory se mi objeví v nastavení radarů s možností zaškrtnout zda upozorňovat. Když ale nastavení radarů otevřu jsou zaškrtnuty samy od sebe např hrady, když to odznačím, tak se zaškrtnutí objeví jinde např. na zámky. Já chci jen přitom upozorňovat na mobilní radary, ale tam zaškrtnutí nezůstane, přesouvá se různě.

    Při tvorbě mca s radary jsem soubor nazval "radary mobilni" a zatrhnul jako speed cameras. díky

  • muzete poslat soubor mobilni radary na support?
  • ok pošlu. Díky
  • mfactor


    the problem with the sounds is, that when you moved the data to
    external_sdcard, but the programm is still looking for the sounds on the
    internal sdcard (may be it's not a bug, it's a feature ;-)). I had the
    same problem, then I created a folder called "navigator" on the internal
    sdcard and copied the folder with the warnsounds in this folder -  and
    ... tatatata it works!

    I had same problem. I tryed to download the 0.13.32 version, but nothing changed. This post from mfactor helped me. Thanks
    Next time maybe I'll try to add my own sounds :)

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