Updates HD Traffic
  • Hello,
    What is the time between two updates of the HD Traffic ?
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  • check is every five minutes
  • here I have a closed route in Tomtom my drive, but not reported in the Navigator application
  • do you think that TomTom passes every single change?
    I would think that they wait for more users to report something (if not verify) before they do anything

    could you provide coordinates?
  • why does this appear on the TomTom website? and this for several days
  • this is really question for TomTom
  • Does Navigator always receive up-to-date data?
  • we pass on what TomTom gives us, nothing more, nothing less
  • Hi,

    can anyone with HD traffic and the Germany West map on Android please check
    the A555 north of the Bonn Nord intersection   (near  50:44.8679, 7:04.1482)?

    I first noticed that a "phantom" traffic jam  was reported there when going to work early Sunday morning a week ago; since then the same traffic jam has been shown on my screen every time I went through the intersection.

    Is this something that's shown only on my device (for whatever reason), or has this particular info really not been updated for at least nine days?
  • at this momnt it is showng 11km/h goig outh east direction
  • It's not just my device, then; your post doesn't show the time of day any more, but both on the second and the third of April there wasn't even any traffic jam there during the afternoon "rush hour".
  • you can check on TomTom's website
  • Check in what way?
    I looked at   tomtom.com   and    tomtommaps.com  - both appear simply to be sales points for end users and developers.

    (The phantom traffic jam is still there on my device.)

  • I looked yesterday morning and had no these events, only three or four closed roads
  • Weird - that traffic jam has been shown on my device continuously for weeks now; I even checked last night just before going to bed: it was there.

    Is there a way to "reboot" HD traffic?

    This is getting really annoying - especially as HD traffic tries to route me over country roads just about every afternoon, I keep ignoring it, and one day might get into a real traffic jam and be stuck there for a long time.
  • try to reset to default in settings/advanced
    please select backup and delete
  • Hi,

    I just performed a Backup and Delete operation, then made only one change: activated HD Traffic in Advanced Settings.

    Unfortunately, after about a minute, "it" was back, looking exactly the same as before, with one little Congestion icon immediately southeast of the Alfter/Bornheim exit, the other about 500m west of the Bonn Nord intersection.
    I'll know early tomorrow morning (driving in the opposite direction
    while this minor autobahn is nearly empty) if, by some big coincidence,
    at this moment there actually is some congestion on that bit of

    For the rest of today, I just restored my settings - and all my Favourites are there, but my (fifty or so) routes are NOT!
    Is this a bug or a feature?

  • if you made backup of routing_points.xml and restored it, then your routes should be available

  • I did - but this whole thing keeps getting weirder.

    When I looked inside the Navigator folder in Android.data, that file was still there.
    Thinking that it might have become corrupted, I renamed its ending and copied the backup over.
    Result: no routes.
    I force closed the app and restarted it, I rebooted my device, no change.

    I copied my Mapfactor directory to a safe place.
    From "App Info," I cleared the app's Data, then ran it, just downloading the Minimum and the map Germany West.
    I activated HD Traffic - and the virtual traffic jam was back.
    There certainly hadn't been a real one there when I came home from work 90 minutes ago, near the peak of "rush hour."
  • Open the files with an editor and look at the content. Are there any routes besides the header? My first thought is that Your files simply don't contain any routes.
  • @2highlander
    Both the original and the backup are in the order of 20kB, but thanks for your input.
    THAT problem has now been solved; I copied Favourites and Routing_Points into the newly created Mapfacctor folder, and both are back.
    Apparently the app's Data DID somehow become corrupted.

    Now if I can get rid of that phantom congestion...
  • Oops, mine have 209 KB !
  • Well, I usually save Routes only when they have waypoints; mostly I go straight to my destination, in which case I simply use Favourites.

  • Thanks to the helpful link from florian's entry above I've finally found TomTom's online route planner.

    Currently there is no congestion around Bonn Nord, whereas on Navigator it's the same as always.

    On March 27 you told florian "It's really a question for TomTom".

    Undoubtedly so, but I don't think it's a question either florian or I should ask, as we are not TomTom's customers; you are - and we are your customers.
    So don't you agree that YOU should ask them that question?

    (I actually tried to do so anyway, but on their end user support page I couldn't even get beyond "What's your TomTom device?" [none] "...or your TomTom app?" [none]. )

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