Digger and TomTom Poi's - ov2
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    I'm using digger version 12_1_5  and version  12_2_2 and in both I have a problem if the source  is OV2
    When I do a conversion every works fine. In the smartphone  the coordinates are wrong - all of them.

    Coordinates in Portugal are Latitude 38, 39, 40 and Longitude -7, -8, -9 and the poi's info is in other country - Ghana.

    Ghana coordinates are something like Latitude 7, 8 ,9  and Longitude 0 , -1 , -2

    Why is happened?
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  • In the conversion tool the default is longitude and then latitude, which is not what you know (and come to expect) of any other tool where you use latitude/longitude.
    I had the same issue the first time I used digger.

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