Resizing window...Solved!
  • I want to run Navigator(free) beside another program in Windows 7 however it is always in full screen.
    Any way to resize the screen?
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  • You can start it with a certain size but not resize flexible. See the manual under "Command line arguments"

  • That seems to be the solution however you will have lead to where I find that line to edit .....or is it an extra command? If so i will need even more help.
    I am not a newbie at computers but I'm not a programmer :(

  • you need to make shortcut where you specify command line parameters
  • If you use Alt+TAB for jumping between Widows, you can working always in full screen and dont neet resizing.
  • Like tomas said, create a shortcut on your desktop and modify the contents of the target line as described in the manual, fitting your needs.
    Different example:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Navigator17\PC_Navigator\PC_Navigator.exe" --window_border=yes --atlas='C:\ProgramData\Navigator\17.1\atlas_pcn_free.idc'
  • I got it now....I just have to play with the values to get it the way I want.


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