legal version of the speed cameras
  • Hi,
    I would like to have the legal version of the radars because I have to go around Europe on motorbike and in Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany ...
    For Italy, it's legal, normally ...
    I deleted the cameraspeed.mca and cameralight.mca files.
    rebooted my smartphone.
    installed the 2 files through the map download menu.
    I still see the radars?
    Thanks for your help ...
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  • A friend sent me the mca legal files:
    cameralight = 305587 bytes
    cameraspeed = 986718 bytes
    I put the files in the folder and I still see the icons?
    mca illegal files:
    cameralight = 465565 bytes
    cameraspeed = 1627569 bytes
  • what is the difference between legal and illegal cameras?
  • @tomas
    In case of police control, if speed cameras are visible on the map GPS, there is a problem and it costs a lot of money in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria, not in Italy where it is legal.

    - Germany = Legal without radar indication (areas of danger or at risk)
    - Austria = Forbidden
    - France = Legal without radar indication (danger or risk zones)
    - Italy = Legal
    - Switzerland = Strictly forbidden, even transport. Heavy fines (from € 185 to over € 500).

    we should not see the icon.
  • you can add a selection of messages and icons in the settings
  • @przemekp
    where can I disable the display of the radar icon in the settings?
  • the only way is to import your own, some with 'invisible' icon

  • @tomas,
    Before, the radars were not visible on the map in France.
    I asked and received a file to see them.
    The topic regarding this request has been removed.
    I would like to return to the basic version where the radars are not visible on the map.
    I changed the files, but it does not work.
    I do not want to add a radar database.
  • it is not that cameras were not visible, they wern't there at all
  • OK thank you for the information.
    So Navigator displays the radars also in the countries where it is forbidden, like Germany, Switzerland, France, etc ...

  • I forgot to write, this is an idea for the creators
  • I will ask developers

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