France new speed limit (80 km/h since 1° juillet 2018)
  • J'utilise les cartes Tomtom.
    Le 5 juillet 2018, toujours pas de mise à jour disponible avec la nouvelle limitation de vitesse à 80 au lieu de 90 km/heure.
    Comment faire ?

    I use Tomtom cards.
    On July 5, 2018, still no update available with the new speed limit at 80 instead of 90 km / h.
    How to do ?
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  • Tomtom maps, not cards;-)

    No idea about new updated maps, I only use OSM maps.

    Maybe you should check with the official Tomtom site, if they have the latest speed limits in their maps already. Sooner or later you will be able to buy updated ones at Mapfactor.
  • Tomtom is already broadcasting updated 80 speed limit maps on its site and for its GPS devices.

    I want to buy new maps Tomtom by Mapfactor, but will they be up to date with this new limitation for France ?
  • July maps have not been delivered yet, so assumption is that the new speed limit will be included
  • ok merci.
    Je patiente.

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