Bug Loire river
  • Hi,


    on the right, the river view "La Loire" is ok
    on the left the display is not done


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  • Maybe it's an osm bug ?!
    You would have an idea about the problem ?!
  • From time to time there a rendering issues especially for rivers and lakes. If I remember well, mostly resulting from errors from OSM data, but sometimes MF does not fully understand OSM data even if they are correct. No idea, what causes the problem here. Anyway at least for car use it seems to be rather evident, that there is a river. If you are traveling on a boat, that might be different. But I would not use MF for "navigating" on water.
  • I do not know what the reason is in this case, but often it is due to duplication of the same feature due to being in two administrative areas
  • Anyway rendering is as exspected, when I use Openandromaps with Oruxmaps. They do it better than MF ;)

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