Edit MF3D file for E-Ink screen (gps_arrow.mf3d ??)
  • Hi,

    I would like to edit the drawing of the arrow for the e-ink screen.
    Arrow file is gps_arrow.mf3d ??
    Hardware and software renderer.

    Thank you.
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  • Hi,

    mf3d file is used in HW renderer only and I am not allowed to give you tool to convert it.

    In SW renderer there is used sign.mca file and I also cannot give you needed tools.

    I am sorry
  • But perhaps an appropriate new file....? 8-|
  • Please note that there is authorship by MNF on this. Although I do not appreciate all graphical changes lately, I do understand their standpoint.

    And as a comparison: You could also ask Microsoft if you were allowed to change some icon/art work in their ribbon or software.
  • Sorry, it was for the E-Ink version.
    I will not ask you any more evolution for the E-Ink screen.
    Sorry again.
  • I would rather see this as a user suggestion which could be headed forward to the MFN authors. How you can see, there seems to be a definite desire for an appropriate option in the app beside other suggestions.

    I also do wish a preset with a motorbike icon in the routes presets and made an appropriate suggestion. As a workaround, I took the car preset and set it up for motorbike use, but it is still marked by the car icon which is is at the same time irritating and annoying. I still don't understand why the authors so obstinately refuse to implement a motorbike icon, the new gui would have been the chance. Ok, it's still not ready, so I will wait in patience....
  • I did not mean this should be stopped. 
    If the E-ink version fills a gap and users like it, although it could use some enhancements, then that's fine with me.

    I simply meant that I can understand MNF is not sharing all graphical data.

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