[Navigator free] Windows 10 mobile: "Stadtzentrum" not shown for all search results.
  • MapFactor, running on Nokia Lumia 640 phone with windows 10 mobile and free OSM maps.

    Steps to reproduce bug:

    Search -> Address

    - Enter "Deutschland",
    - enter "Stadt" (town) "Wohltorf,

    Screen with two results will be shown:

    Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg

    Wohltorf - Hohe Elbgeest
    Kreis Herzogtum Lauenburg

    -> select first entry "Wohltorf"
    ==> "STADTZENTRUM" (town centre)  will be shown above all other street names (which is OK),

    -> go back and select second entry "Wohltorf - Hohe Elbgeest" instead.
    ==> "STADTZENTRUM" (town centre) will not be shown above all other street names (which is not OK, as it is the exactly same town).

    My expectation is that for all town names a town center is available for navigation.


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  • Hi,

    it is a missing feature in our data conversion. The OSM format is complex and we do not have complete support of it.
  • conversation or conversion?

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