Digger12 my icone always on map parameter
  • Hello,
    I wish I had my icons still visible on the map as the names of cities.
    which parameter to modify in digger 12?
    Thank you.
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  • Text on map in Data source type dialog
  • Hello Tomas,
    What I want is to see my personal icons at zoom scale 0-50-100 km
  • currently, I see my personal icons at zoom scale 0-6-12 km
  • You should change the value Max.icon zoom in the window, where the "List of object types" are shown. I actually don't know the page, but it is the one, where you can set the Icon-Image.

    There are usually six fields for Settings. First one is the Name of the waypoints/tracks, second is the "Style" (or the Image), third is "Min.icon zoom" (mostly set to 'detail'), fourth is "Max.icon zoom" set to 1:200000. Change that value to a higher on, like 1:1000000 or something else. Just try.

    I can't give you an Image at this time, don't have my Computer with me.
  • Great, thank you very much Crocodilefarm !

    But the position of the icon is centered on the coordinates?!
    How to put the position of the icon above the coordinates?
    As on this drawing:
  • Don't know, but try (see in your second picture) the values 'horizontal bounding box difference of text' and 'vertical bounding box difference of text'. Perhaps that are the values to change position. But I`m really not sure!
  • Okay, sorry, no idea.
  • Perhaps a gif with transparent colors? So, you might look through the Image?
  • With Digger You can set the opacity of Your icons as You like
  • Yes, that's what I'm going to do, thank you all for your help.
    But I have another problem:
    the display of the icon is not done at all levels of zoom?!
    While the display of other icons, such as parking, is at all levels of zoom!
    example zoom levels:
    0-0.8-1.6 = ok
    0-0.7-1.4 = ok
    0-0.6-1.2 = no
    0-0.5-1.0 = no
    0-0.4-0.8 = no
    0-0.3-0.6 = no
    0-0.2-0.4-0.6 = no
    0-0.1-0.2-0.3-0.4 = no
    0-0.1-0.2-0.3 = ok
    0-0.1-0.2 = ok
    0-0.1 = no
    0-0.02-0.04 (max zoom) = no
  • I found, it's the format of the icons that create the problems.
    Size 64x64 zoom problem
    Size 230x230 no zoom problem
    Why ?
  • You are using HW renderer, we did not make much optimalisations of imports in HW renderer.
    The placing is bad, you can make a workaround to make icon bigger and make there transparent area.

    Since version 3.0 there is an icon redution algorithm in HW renderer (when there are colliding icons it do not render all of them). We never tested this algorithm with icons with different resolutions...
  • Ok, thank you for the information.

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