Switch 0n/off of own POIs
  • Using many own pois the screen becomes flooded. Swiitching them with zooming level is not alwasy the needed solution.
    How can they be switched on/off when needed?

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  • Einstellungen / Karten / Region ausw√§hlen / Alle Importe
    Settings        / Cards  / Select Regions     / All Imports

  • Thanks.
    It works fine for WIN but the program has to be restarted to make the change effective.

    I found no way to do the same in Android.
  • If your POIs are in an own mca-file, then you can rename that file-Extension from .mca to something like .mc_
    You should do that in a file-manager.

    But a restart of the app ist required.
  • I would like to switch during navigation to dispaly certain pois.
    I don't think remaming File is the a good solution to switch of POIs.
  • My personal POIs have disappeared in the latest android version
    Edit: They reappeared after restarting the phone.

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