Entering a new destination in Free Navigator ...
  • Greetings to all.
    Could anybody help with following anomaly, which I encounter in Free navigator. Please note that I translated the text on the screen from Dutch to English. 
    If this is not understandable i will chanfge the language and repost ..

    When I want to drive to a certain adress, I enter all the data in the adress entry procedure and finish with selecting : "Enter as destination" -Stel in als bestemming ...
    Then I get a map, where nothing happens.
    Then I press the left lower corner of my Samsung S4 smartphone (three small horizontal lines) and I get the screen with Search in the upper left corner.
    On this screen I push "navigate" and I get a "confirm route" screen where I have 3 lines:

    -actual gps position
    -a destination which I enterd probably a month ago, with a "selection square" behind it (whih I do NOT press)
    -the adress I just entered

    and I finish by pressing "Navigate" in the lower left corner.

    and ....
    sometimes this works, but sometimes it does not and I have to return and repeat the above steps several times before I hear the voice :

    "opening a new route"   - de route opnieuw bepalen.

    What do I do wrong ? How else should I start entering a new destination ?

    Thks on forehand for all reactions 
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  • the only think I can think of is that file routing_points.xml is corrupted
    try to delete it an then start Navigator
    folder android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
  • Thanks.
    This seems to be working.
    the old destination did not re-appear.
    Thks once more

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