Navigator 11 Free California map
  • Hello,
    I'm using Navigator 11 Free (11.0.10) and I tried to use California Free map - downloaded with Setup Utility 11.0.8,
    which reports versioninfo for this map as 201104230.
    This map is not recognized by Navigator ...
    ( Arizona (versioninfo 201106130 ) is recognized )
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  • Hi, with California there is still problem with overflow of Road Numbers (mentioned in I would need fix on the source side. I am on vacation next week so more info after that.
    sorry for the trouble
  • Hi,

    I ran into the same problem with the California-map. In a few weeks, we want to start a car-trip through California, so it would be very nice when the bug would be fixed soon.

    Thank you in advance!!!
  • It is "fixed" (I would use "hacked" instead) where road numbers starting with "from " and "Exit " were removed. You should see it on update after server SYNC.
    p.s. note, that even it has date 110704 it was created from planet110602
  • Hi,
    thanks for fixing it.
    BUT: Where can I find the fix? I tried to update with update tool, but it says always 'No updates'. Where can I download the new version?
    By the way: Is it a new software- or map-version?

  • It is a new map. You would see it on update only if you already have USA\California installed. Note, that this is for version 11 only.
  • Hi Martin,
    ... thanks a lot for the "California-Hack" ...

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