Seeing in real time a journey on the map
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    first of all many thanks and congratulations for your app! I have been using NAVIGATOR FREE on ANDROID phone since 2014 and now i have vers. 3.0.125.
    My question is: suppose you are not navigating but just moving random. Is it possible to see in real time on the map the route you are following? I remember that in old versions you could see your journey on the map as a series of dots while you were moving...I saw there's a recording gpx/nmea function inside Preferites but that's not quite the same thing, you have to save file, then reopen can't really see in real time.
    Besides personally I don't think having the altimeter in the main screen while navigating is so useful: given that I need glasses to read I'd much rather exclude altimeter and having the time to arrival number in a much larger font size.

    Many thanks

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