Percent Battery Level Panel
  • Hello,
    on motorcycle, it is difficult to see the level of the battery.
    is it possible to have in the panel the percentage of battery?

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  • I did not need that on my trip of four hours yesterday, because my phone was charged continously on/by my scooter.

  • Hi Oldie, I also am charging my devices on motorcylcle while driving. But nevertheless, it happened more than one time to me that a device ran out of power (cable defect, forgotten to close high power consuming app in background, wrong USB-adapter and so on) and the tiny battery level display on Android devices makes it very hard to recognise the battery draining.

    A few days ago I discovered this option of displaying the battery level in OsmAnd (which I am using as moving map because unfortunately MFN is really bad in this regard) and therefore at least on this device I can easily check the battery level.

    This is why I support MacDony's request.
  • battery indicator is in notification panel
  • Which panel exactly? At least not in my Navigator 30125.
  • in Android notification panel
  • on a motorcycle it is impossible to see the percentage of battery of the android notification to 70 cm of the smartphone.
    the percentage is at what level on this screenshot?
  • you can install some other app with larger font, I use GSam battery monitor

  • I have a yotaphone 2 and I use the E-Ink screen for Navigator.
    Other applications do not work.
    I think it should not be complex to add this function to the panel ?!
  • without a power cable I can only drive 90 minutes with navigation on my motorbike.  Thats why I made a power supply on my motorbike. Last week  I made a 8 hour trip with navigation. No power fail!

    I also created a system profile especially for navigation on the motorbike on my samsung phone. This profile increases the screen brightness to maximum, sets the volume to maximum, minimize the other volumes, stops the wifi and starts bluetooth. 

    I have no need for a battery indicator
  • Yes, on the yotaphone that works not so good. But I hope that this will be fixed

  • [-O<
    is it possible to have in the panel the percentage of battery?
    please ...
  • I implemented it into future version 4.0 (it will be on beta hopefully in Q1/2018)
  • Thank you so much Lubos

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