menu items not completely visible in mapfactor 3.1.65
  • mapfactor 3.1.47
    samsung trend 4"
    On the main menu the following items are not completely visible:
    Route Information  (Route i..)
    My Places (My pla...)

    picture on:
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  • It will be fixed (or better) in the next beta
  • Big improvement in version 3.1.65
    Looks very nice but unfortunately the menu items are still not completely visible on my samsung 4ยจ in portrait mode.  Only the half of the second line is shown.


    Another small remarque:
    The licht blue background color of the three buttons on the bottom of the screen are ok in day mode but in night mode this color is too bright. A darker color would be nice.

  • I had to delete and reinstall Mapfactor and it was ok.
  • try Reset to default in settings/advanced
    please select Backup and delete
  • I tried a reset but this did not make any difference.
  • menu items not completely visible has to do with the screensize (4") of my phone.

    I also have installed  mapfactor 3.1 65 in a virtual environment on my pc. The lichtblue background color of the three items is there also.
  • It is problem with layout of navigator... this cannot be fixed by reset-to-default

    @mes Can you please:
    1) go into device settings/about phone/10x click on "build number" (this will enable developer options on your phone)
    2) go into device settings/developer options/enable show layout bounds (this will enable an indication how GUI is made) 
    3) open Navigator and make screenshot of main menu
    4) post the screenshot here
  • topic is renamed.
    the screenshot is here:
  • thank you, I will look on it tomorrow
  • ok, I "fixed" it in 3.1.68+. The problem is that too long texts we cannot handle so there will be ending with three dots. Anyway it won't be as bad as in version 3.1.47

    The buttonbar icons will be fixed soon - we are waiting for new icons from designer.

    The update will be hopefully next week

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