mapfactor becomes slow
  • yesterday I made a motor trip (about 8 hours).
    Mapfactor (3.0.125) was the only app running on my fresh started phone (samsung trend).
    During this trip I noticed that mapfactor become slower and slower.
    I noticed two things:
    1. The touchscreen seems inresponsive. Tapping the screen and tapping the button Skip Waypoint took a very long time (more then a minute). Normally this is about two-three seconds.
    2. Recalculation took more and more time.

    Does anyone know what could cause this problem? Is it a hardware problem? Is it an android problem or could it be a problem with Mapfactor???
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  • It is a problem with the Navigator app.
  • are you sure?
    Then how can I resolve this problem?
  • move forward to ß 3.1.47 and see if this helps.
  • I tried ß 3.1.47 but I went back to 3.0.125.
    I have the feeling that the beta version is not stable enough.
  • It is a problem with the android version of na igator. Same experience here.

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