OSMap United Kingdom 44-201710150 (44-201709210) Detours A55-A470-A5-A55 ?
  • - Mapfactor Navigator Free ß  4.1.47
    - OSMap Early Map Access: United Kingdom 44-201709210

    normally : Dover, UK -> waypoint M56 -> Holyhead, UK
    Google Maps Dover-Holyhead

    now plans route:
    M56 -> A55 -> Black Cat Roundabout -> A55 -> A470 -> A5 - Bangor Roundabout A5 - A55 -> Holyhead

    Instead of following the A55 directly.

    Anyone know what is going on?
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  • @Jan: There was a short section I missed when I edited the map. Another month to wait, I'm afraid.
  • my route is from M6 > M54 > A5
    default car settings
  • Routing points:
    Departure Dover, CT16 1JA        lat:184061632 lon:4799552
    Waypoint: M42 from Dover        lat:188453530 lon:-6506942
    Waypoint: M56 from Dover        lat:192061750 lon:-9034454
    Destination: Holyhead, Llanfawr road    lat:191905868 lon:-16669312

    No toll

    With the map before it was fine, this one loaded yesterday.
    Deleted the map and reloading 353MB
    No use: same issue


  • Works with OSMap UK 44-201706290

  • openrouteservice.org makes it via the Conwy tunnel.

    What if you try to set start and stop just before and behind Conwy just to check out, where the deviation begins.
  • drives through the tunnel, exits a55, crossing Bangor Road, right right and returns through tunnel: -> Black Cat Roundabout -> A55 -> A470 -> A5
  • When put beyond the next roundabout after crossing Bangor Road: no route available
  • Is there a scenic route setting? 
  • with default car settings, just switch toll road off, I get the same route with current maps as you get on picture 2
    please check your vehicle settings
  • I confirm the problem. Turning toll on or off doesn't make any difference for me. 
    There is a section of tunnel travelling East to West between Penmaenmawr and Llanfairfechan that gives "no route" in Navigator. Routing is OK in the other direction.
    Looking at OpenStreetMap, the reason appears to be that the section is tagged access="no" with exceptions for motor vehicles rather than access="yes" with foot/bike/horse ="no". I have changed the tagging in the OSM source.
    However other navigation apps interpret this route as OK for cars, so I would question Navigator's logic here.
    Edit: access="no" motor_vehicle="yes" is the standard OSM combination in this situation, so Navigator ought to interpret it correctly.
  • It wasn't a very likely suggestion either. Why would Jan change profiles between 2 map updates? His purpose is to do reproducible tests. You don't change vehicle parameters in between in such a case.
  • Hope this get a fix. Night live run in a couple of weeks. The wanted route is 2 lanes in each direction (motorway conditions).
    While Black Cat Roundabout -> A55 -> A470 -> A5 - Bangor Roundabout A5 is mostly 1 lane in each direction. Nice scenery at daytime, hazardous at night time.
  • Am I correct, this is now changed in OSM? Pen-y-Clip Tunnel Wales.
    "Changeset: 52393243
    Changed access="no" with exceptions to access="yes" with exceptions"

    So next UK map will be OK? Can this UK map update  put forward?

    Access tag values: No

    "No access for the general public. Consider using additional access (like foot=yes or bicycle=permissive, etc.) to indicate who can use the element. If only specific transport modes are forbidden, prefer more specific restrictions like vehicle=no or motor_vehicle=no over the general key access."
    Source: Wiki openstreetmaps Key:access

  • @tomas Can you please review your answer above as I don't think it is right.
  • Early OSMap UK 44-201710150 update did not solve the Pen-y-Clip Tunnel Wales issue.
    Mapfactor Navigator Free 3.1.47 refuses to take the route through the tunnel.
  • Unless mapfactor does one of these:
    - push an Early OSMap UK 44-2017 update.
    - modify Mapfactor Navigator Free ß  4.1.47 so it can deal it can deal with that situation.

    I leave in the weekend. Would be sad to miss a real life test run of that trip.

    @john_percy, thanks again
  • Thanks for the UK OSMap 44-201712060 update.
    MapFactor Navigator Free 3.1.92 now follows back the route through the Pen-y-Clip Tunnel Wales

    Unfortunately, the live test was not possible. I had to make a 2 part route for the travel.
    - Dover to Pen-y-Clip tunnel
    - Pen-y-Clip tunnel to Holyhead Ferry port.

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