How to get tmc info for navigator 17 on windows 1p
  • My question is how to get tmc (traffic info) for navigator 17 on windows 10? (I have navi on w10 in my car)
    I have been searching on internet for some reliable instructies or tutorial. No success.
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  • Hi Jan,
    you will need TMC receiver, may be GNS.

  • Hi Tomas,  i purchased and installed the gns tmc receiver. Configured in Navigator 17 , and shos the TMC logo in upper right corner. When clicking on that logo it shows the download attempts, but every line states that no location table is installed. Where to get the location table and how to install?
  • location tables are supplied with maps
    I think OSM supports Germany and Netherlands only, but I could be wrong
  • where are the files located? and what extension?

  • I think they are part of each .mca file, you cannot see them
  • From the forum i get the picture that i need the tomtom maps to use the TMC . The inital cost for Europe is EUR 89 , with the tt-maps of march 2017 . What is the cost of  updates for tt maps ?

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