Facility to change chosen alternative route colour
  • I use 'Alternative routes' option when choosing to navigate, which I find useful.  I experienced an incident while driving recently, however, that led to a little confusion: the alternative route I had selected was yellow in colour that matched and overlaid the background road colour at one point but took a diversion from it so that I was viewing two yellow roads.  It was distracting for a short while.  I wonder whether it exists or might be possible in the future to change the colour of the selected route, to purple, say, to avoid such confusion? 
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  • you probably changed colours in settings/customisation
    default colours are purple, green and blue
  • Tomas
    I see the colours in Settings>Map customisation>MAP COLOURS/Other colours whose heading I had not seen previously.  I am unaware of having been there ever.  I do accept, however, that I can make my own choice.
    I thank you for your helpful reply. 

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