Weird Routing
  • On a recent journey through Belgium & Luxembourg I got a bad direction. Tavelling towards Luxembourg on the E25/E411 at junction 31 near Arlon the route instruction was to leave the E25 at J31 then take the slip road & re-join the E25. This was difficult because of the turn restrictions where the slip road meets the N82. I've looked on OSM but I can see no reason for MFN taking this route. It looks to me like it should have kept going on the E25. I don't know enough about the area to make any changes so I'm hoping someone can help.
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates, then we can check
  • Start point was 50.927627, 1.816000 Eurotunnel at Coquelles France. End point was 49.635567, 5.968199. Aire de Capellen South service area on the A6/E411 near Mamer in Luxembourg. However I've tested it using tools - calculate & it routed perfectly.
  • both Navigate and Calculate route are using the same routing engine
    if routing points are the same, then route must be the same
  • Did you check if thé gps was off for some distance? In rare occasions it happens and will give you wrong route.
  • All seemed OK with GPS but I remember having the same problem on the same route a couple of years ago.

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