No turn instruction on private roads
  • There is no turn instruction to destination on the private segment
    of a route.

    Travelling from 18.01919, -76.90863  to Lat 18.01784, lon  -76.90958 there are 3 turn in a gated private

    It is expected that turn instruction would be given for
    Donavon Carter Ave and Elia Taddeo.

    However no turn instruction is given.

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  • I get two manouvres,
    first - Turn left to Caymanas country club Estates
    second - Turn left to Jack Nicklaus Drive

    turn to Donavan Carter Ave is not announced as there is no alternative

  • Hi tomas

    Here is a better example:

    From 17.963665, -76.90708 to 17.95784, -76.91544

    After the turn onto Caribbean Boulevard there is no further
    turn instruction. This is despite 3 other distinct turns. Same is reflected in the

  • Hi Tomas, 
    Were you able to reproduce the problem?
    Is this a real bug?

  • we will investigate and let you know

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