How to find out how much (battery) power GPS tracking and GPS device consumed?
  • Occasionally I use MapFactor to track a walking (or bicycle) tour through the streets of a city.

    Therefore I turned on location services on my Smartphone device and started the function in MF.

    Now I wonder how much battery power MapFactor and GPS device consumed for the last 5 hours tour.

    Since this value varies from Smartphone to Smartphone and I do additional things beside the actual gps tracking an estimation would be very fuzzy.

    So I need a kind of measurement.

    Is there a (3rd party) App which let me know how much battery power application A and location service consumed during the last 5 hours resp. since the last counter reset? I need a statement like "13% of battery capacity was consumed by MapFactor and another 8% by GPS device (=location service)"

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  • GSam battery monitor

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