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  • Is it possible to have a selective map update? I was in France last week, so in have France maps in my devices.

    Of cource I want to use the latest German maps.

    For the time beeing, I will not need France map in latest details. So I would like to keep the France maps without regularly updating them.

    So now I wonder, if I can only update some selected maps and not only all maps I have in my devices. That will also save my time and bandwidth (1 to 1,5 GB for every download x 2 devices).
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  • You cannot directly.

    I think there are two differnet workarounds:

    - Download by PC instead of phone and transfer the (seleted) maps manually to your phone.

    - On your phone, move the France map into another folder. Move it back to the original folder only before you actually need to use in Navigator.
  • Some workarounds, yes. But to much effort, though. Then it would be easier for me, to take the time for all downloads. Thank you anyway!
  • You can also just unselect the unwanted maps in map manager.
    Of course you'd also have to do it everytime you want to update.

  • It is really that simple? Sorry I should have tried this. I thought, this unchecking would delete the map.

    I cannot try right now, because all maps are up  to date :o

    [update]It is really that easy! [/update]

    So my feature request is reduced, that Navigator should keep my selection until I reverse it.

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