Navigator Free & Transonic 6000t
  • Hello Forum,
    is there a chance to install Navigator Free on my old Transonic 6000t?

    I have already tried an Installation on CD-card, but it seems the Navigator.exe is missing dll's. Who has the Navigator Free running on a Transonic 6000t (or similar) and knows the missing dll's?
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  • you probably need one or more of the following
    you just need to try all combinations
  • Meanwhile the Navigator is starting (I added zlib.dll). Now I am struggling with the GPS and TMC modules. Where to get the correct commctrl.dll file?
  • what would you need that for?
    just set GPS according to your hardware, may be com3, baud rate38400 - I got this from one German forum, not sure is this is correct
  • You are right, my GPS settings are:
    Port: 2
    Baud: 4800

    At the Moment I stay in Hungary, afaik there is no free TMC available.
  • Thanx a lot for this response

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