Crash on loading a route (Mapfactor Navigator)
  • Hi MapFactor Forum,

    I try to load a saved route by clicking on "My places" -> "My routes" -> "Click on route name" -> "Load". The route has a lot of waypoints (approximately 500). The App crashes constantly. If I reduce the amount of waypoints the app does not crash. The route was imported previously by "Route Importer" from a gpx file.

    Tested on Nexus 5 with Android 6.

    Logcat output:

    1862-3999/? I/ActivityManager: START u0 {cmp=com.mapfactor.navigator/.routeinfo.RouteInfoActivity (has extras)} from uid 10130 on display 0
    16316-16316/? I/Choreographer: Skipped 643 frames!  The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: movefrom RESUMED: FavouritesFragment{fcedd04 #0 id=0x7f0d0049 favourites}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: movefrom RESUMED: MyRoutesFragment{53a8e2b #1 id=0x7f0d0048 myroutes}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: Commit: BackStackEntry{df9bbd0}
    16316-16316/? D/FragmentManager:   mName=null mIndex=-1 mCommitted=false
    16316-16316/? D/FragmentManager:   Operations:
    16316-16316/? D/FragmentManager:     Op #0: REPLACE RtgPointsFragment{d6e87c9 id=0x7f0d006c rtgpoints}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: Run: BackStackEntry{df9bbd0}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: Allocated fragment index RtgPointsFragment{d6e87c9 #0 id=0x7f0d006c rtgpoints}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: moveto CREATED: RtgPointsFragment{d6e87c9 #0 id=0x7f0d006c rtgpoints}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: add: RtgPointsFragment{d6e87c9 #0 id=0x7f0d006c rtgpoints}
    16316-16316/? V/FragmentManager: moveto ACTIVITY_CREATED: RtgPointsFragment{d6e87c9 #0 id=0x7f0d006c rtgpoints}
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/] JNI ERROR (app bug): local reference table overflow (max=512)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/] local reference table dump:
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]   Last 10 entries (of 512):
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       511: 0x33639360 com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       510: 0x33639340 java.lang.String "noname"
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       509: 0x33639320 com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       508: 0x33639300 java.lang.String "noname"
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       507: 0x336392e0 com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       506: 0x336392c0 java.lang.String "noname"
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       505: 0x336392a0 com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       504: 0x33639280 java.lang.String "noname"
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       503: 0x33639260 com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       502: 0x33639240 java.lang.String "noname"
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]   Summary:
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       252 of com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint (252 unique instances)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]         1 of com.mapfactor.navigator.RoutingPoint[] (575 elements)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]         3 of java.lang.Class (3 unique instances)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]         1 of java.lang.String[] (3 elements)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]       255 of java.lang.String (255 unique instances)
    16316-16316/? A/art: art/runtime/]

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  • I think that maximum number of waypoints is 256, or may be a little less
  • Looks to me like a programming error. If there is maximum number of waypoints I would expect a message like "Route to long".
  • @maik There is incorrect implementation of transfering routing points from backend to frontend. I fixed it in our develop branch, I am not sure when it gets public

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