how to recover my places from my broken phone
  • my phone screen is damaged due to a sun heat, and i don't want to lose my places on navigator, and i tried to access the app using kies to download my places, but i only found some temporary files,
     please, i need some help!
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  • If you have a Samsung, you may be able to download a driver for Windows which allows File Explorer to see the phone if you plug it in. That's how I access my tablet. You may also be able to that anyway without a specific driver. However Kies may 'grab' the phone so you may need to uninstall it.
  • thanks allan
    actually, i've just found the solution here



    WOW, I did a search and found the answer to my question

    I too wanted to copy "my places" to a new phone the file is called: "favourites.xml"

    it is located in the :

    " android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/ " folder.

    I just copied it to my new phone, and all the "My Places / Waypoints " are now there.


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