Guernsey / Corrupt / Missing / Empty
  • Hi!

    I've tried to download the Guernsey map, both using Navigator PC and on Android, and its empty / corrupt. (No data)

    On Android, if its the only map installed, MapFactor crashes when opening the "Map".

    Please can a new file be made available?


    John Jore

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  • For the time being you may use the Guernsey maps of Guernsey there is part of the France-North or UK maps and can be used (including routing) with Oruxmaps, Locus or the like.
  • Dear MapFactor,

    While the Guernsey map has been updated about 5 times since I originally posted about this issue, they have all been corrupt... Not sure why?


  • Yes, it's really a mystery.
  • @johnjore - This problem mostly happens after someone edit borders in OSM, after every border update it is needed to update something in our data convertion system. @Nigel updated our system, so next Guernsey update should be ok
  • Hi!

    Jersey now has the same problem, no data. (Guernsey is fine).

    Maybe @Nigel can take a look and see if he can fix it?

  • I can see both Jersey and Guernsey
    both are from November
  • Hi and yes, the island is there, but no infrastructure.

    Just a black blob with the ferry lines. No roads, no POI, no names, no nothing...

    Just updated on my (android) phone and fresh install on laptop (Windows). Neither show Jersey properly.

  • This is an older thread, but I still awake it form the dead.

    I'm going to Jersey in 2 weeks and downloaded the map of the island. It is still corrupt. Nothing in it.
  • do you mean Gurnsey or Jersey?
  • I mean Jersey. Guernsey is OK now. 
    I checked the polygons but can't find an error.
  • I will create a new topic. This is indeed confusing if the title mentions Guernsey, but johnjore mentioned the same for jersey, like I do.

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