No sound for speedcameras
  • Hello,
    I'm a Frenchman, my english is not so good...
    I use Mapfactor with my Galaxy Tab 10. I love this application.
    I have loaded the files for speedcameras.
    I see the icons on the card but no sound.
    I check and I have seen that 3 files exist in the subdirectory "warningsounds".
    Can you help me ?
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  • please check settings/navigation/speed cameras/audio warning
  • Thank you but I think that all is correct : camera light : on, cameraspeed: on, signal at 100, 500 and 1000 meters: on

  • go to Android settings and check that all sound channels are set high
  • Thanks Tomas but all the parameters are at 100%....
  • I have exactly the same problem
  • can you play these files outside Navigator?
  • Yes Tomas
    3 shorts sounds for the 3 files (scout....wav)
  • then it must work in Navigator
    I have no idea what the problem is

  • Do you use recorded voices or some TTS? And if you use TTS and it is functional, can you switch to recorded voices for testing purposes and check if that works.
  • No I don't use recorded voices. I don't know what is TTS .... sorry..
    Also I don't know how it is possible to work with recorded voices !!
  • TTS is Text-To-Speech and also characterised as "synthesized voices".
    The instructions are strings of texts passed to the "TTS engine app" which reads them and speaks them. You have GoogleTTS, Acapella, SVOX (just went broke), and a few others.
    These TTS instructions do speak the street name like "turn left to Champs-Elysees"

    Recorded voices are from persons speaking the (pre-recorded) instruction. They would say "Turn left" and nothing more.

    Based on your reply I assume you use TTS even if you didn't know what it is..

    Please confirm which system you use.
    A recorded voice is simply a "sound file" played by Navigator just like the alarm sounds.
    A synthesized voice (TTS) is a text string passed on to the "TTS engine app".

    So again: if you use TTS then please switch to recorded and try if you hear the recorded instructions. That should be basically the same as the alarm sounds.
  • No I don't use recorded voices. I don't know what is TTS .... sorry..
    Also I don't know how it is possible to work with recorded voices !!
  • I have an application which is "vocal recorder" in my phone.
    Is that TTS ?? If I record some words I can ear correctly what it was recorded.
    But what is the relation with Navigator ?
    I'm sure that I have not understand what you explain to me......
  • TTS = Text To Speech
    recorded voices are recorded human sounds

    you must use one of these

  • As far as I can see, "recorded voices" is preset in Navigator. So if @roby doesn't know the differences between recorded voices and tts, he probably uses "recorded voices" even though he is not aware of that fact.


    You should be asked to download voices, when installing navigator.

    Please check settings, localization, navigation voice, speech processor. What is the setting there, recorded voices or silent or any text to speech (I translated the terms from my German menu, so Navigator's terms in English may be somewhat different)?

    You also may check map manager (! for voices), download maps, sounds for (recorded) voices you installed on your device.
  • @roby - In Navigator select Map Manager-Sounds & check that you have downloaded at least one language. Then go to Settings-Localisation-Navigation voice. There should be two options. Voice engine & Voice language. Voice engine has the options Silent, Recorded voices & TTS (if you have a TTS app installed). If you select Recorded voices Navigator will use the sound file you downloaded.
  • Hello,
    Thank you for your participations.
    Because I am with friends , I can't test before to morrow.
    I will say you the results of my investigations.
  • Hello,
    I have verified the settings. I have downloaded a french voice and changed "silence" in recorded voices and then it's good now.
    Thank you for your good informations.
    My new problem now is :
    I want to have the sounds for radars but I don't want have voices when I am driving.
    I have not sure that it's possible. I try but I don't find .....
    What do you think about this ?
  • Keep the speed limit, then no need for radar sound in your case no need for sound at all. And there will more security on the road. :O
  • Sure but I really want to have the radar's sound and no sound during the trip.. so if you have a solution.....
  • In Settings -> Localiation -> Navigation voice (voix de navigation), you can select "silent mode"
  • Yes but in this case I have no sounds for the radars....
  • Well, to me that is definitely a bug. 

    As you manage the warning sounds from the warning sounds settings section, and the voice from the localisation settings section.
    They are two distinctive settings, and they are indeed different from each other.
    Obviously Navigator cuts all sound if you select no instructions via silent mode.
  • In the navigator settings, I have not seen the possibility to set the volume of warning sounds..
    So I think that I ask is impossible to make....
  • The warning sounds are switched on/off in the Speed- and Camera warnings submenu.
    The navigation instructions are switched on/off in the Localisation submenu.
    Switching one of them on/off should not influence the other.

    Changing the volume of the alarm sounds is done via the phone volume settings but they can't be arranged independently of the instruction settings.
    I changed my warning sounds to "Camera in xyz meters" and the speed warning in "You drive too fast". Recording your own wavs gives you also the possibility to modify the internal volume of the wav file.
  • Ok hvdwolf
    Thank you for all these informations..

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