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  • I have just bought a Kindle fire 7 tablet, and installed Google play store then the free gps navigator. I have set up a route, but when i ask it to navigate it warns "please enable GPS for navigation". when i then go "open settings" Navigator is allowed to access location based services. It shows my correct gps position on the map to set up a route. It does not calculate the route. What do I need to do to get it working.
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  • You need to be more precise! It seems some Kindle fire 7 tablet have no GPS chip or GPS is disabled by Amazon or GPS antenna is not present.
    Using tools from Navigator menu: GPS-info: do you get GPS signals from satellite.
    Normaly you need to enable GPS from device settings.
  • Yes, it displays the current position in longditude and latitude. This is determined by the network provider. Satellites are 0. It does not find any satellittes in the garden either. The position changes though. Device options does not appear to give the enable GPS option.I do not think its got a working gps. Just spoke to amazon. They do not think this model has gps. How their navigation software works ??? Thanks for your help.
  • some devices use agps (wifi - internet) this is not sufficient for (car) navigating

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