How do I auto-record all tracks into *.gpx files?
  • As far as I remember from the past there was an option where I can specify if I want to record all tracks (only) manually (with start/stop) or automatically EVERY track (when MapFactor is started until exit).

    When I re-search this option now I cannot find it any more.

    Where is it?

    I want to turn auto-record tracks (into separate *.gpx files per track) on

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  • My places/GPS recording
  • Hi tomas,

    thank you for the answer, but when I go to "My places" I do not find the mentioned "GPS recording".


    Have a look at the attached snapshot.

    Where is it?

    Is this only available in a "Pro" version?

    I use MapFactor v2.2.78 under Android 6.0.1 on a Honor 5C

    Thank you




  • Save current GPS
  • Check under Tools - GPS recording

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