New to mapfactor - tom tom maps download on pc / use on android car unit
  • I am testing a new android car unit (XTRONS TD101AS) and installed map factor free. It seems to work fine but I would like to use the tom tom maps. Unfortunately I don't have any (fast) internet connection (Wifi is incredible slow), so I would like to download new maps on my pc and copy them to the sd card. Is this possible?

    Thx in advance
    Detlev from germany
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  • Hi Detlev,
    it is possible, but not easy
    you would need to email once you buy maps
  • OK, what program do I need on windows pc to buy / download the tom tom maps? And to which email address do I have to send information after buying them for moving them onto the android radio SD card?

    Thx in advance
  • you need to buy from your Android device and then email
  • OK I bought the tom tom europe maps using my android radio but did not download any map now. What do I have to mail to which email address? the map download should be done with my pc and then stored onto SD card for the android unit
    Thx in advance
  • go to settings and click Send logs
    please add your order ID
  • Yes, you can ;) I installed the Navigator 16 software, entered the keycode and could download all maps to the sd card - thank you!

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