What to do with waypoints?
  • (I have searched for waypoints and found some issues that I also noticed, but here is one that does not seem to be there, but is rather nasty)

    I like the possibility to map my trips ahead and use lots of waypoints. Sometimes, roadworks keep me from actually passing these waypoints. For the rest of the trip, which can be 600 km, the program tries to recompute this waypoint and I hear "route is being recomputed" constantly. This is a bit frustrating. I do not have time to parrot out the one point that I could not reach (and do not want to reach any more).

    I wish, the program could forget a waypoint that cannot be reached after having passed one or two more points beyond the missed one in the correct order. It could ask me if it should do that. Like ask to forget it at the next correct waypoint and automatically forget it at the second, perhaps with a message.

    Forget waypoint "x" y/n? (default for yes)

     It would save a lot of computing time, too.
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  • in the toolbar you can set 'delete next waypoint'
    then you just click on it
  • I noticed the button; delete all, does nothing on my phone. But at least you can remove them seperately yes.
  • I am talking about toolbar during navigation

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