Using Navigator with a Motorhome (TomTom truck maps)
  • In the 'did you know' on your website section: 6. Setting up your vehicle states:"TomTom maps can help to navigate large vehicles like trucks, buses or camper-vans". 

    I have a campervan 4.25 and find routing problems when I use a profile based on 'truck' as these are often prohibited on certain roads particularly if over 3.5t. Some towns or sections of road prohibit trucks completely. 

    A motorhome should not be classed as a truck!

    Using the 'bus' profile is slightly better but still prevents a motorhome on certain roads where buses are certainly allowed.
    Other satnav manufacturers offer versions specifically for caravans and motorhomes. However I do not know how well these perform.
    Comments please.

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