Empty OSM map in Guadeloupe
  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the OSM map of Guadeloupe. It was perfect but now no road is no longer displayed, I only have the coastline (which may come from the global map ?). It's not a recent problem, because I have noticed it in the map version 44-201606190, and the problem still persists in the current version (44-201609150). In the map download interface, the file size indicates "<1MB", as there are no data in the map. I'm using MapFactor Navigator Free version 2.2.54.

    Thanks in advance
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  • yes, I tried this map for a test and very very few details are present.
    By the way, when looking for 'America' maps, I found a few elements that should not be there: American Samoa, Wallis and Futuna are actually in Oceania. Crozet is in Africa.
  • I'm not sure if this could be important for debugging, but I confirm, the map is not empty but nearly empty. There are some ferries navigation routes and a few POI, visible when zooming in dense areas, but I can't find any street. On OSM website the map is correct, very detailed and usable.
    Is there a way to help debugging this ? I'm a software developper and system administrator.
  • I suppose that the OSM maps files are generated by a program from the OSM API. Can I access to this program source code and/or to its configuration to help solve my problem ? Or maybe a third party tool is used, which raises the bug ?
  • Hi,

    The Guadeloupe map is fixed. It will be in beta maps for few days until full release. The problem was, that someone changed boundary:administration on relation to another one. Please try the new version.

  • Hello,

    I have found and enabled the option to get beta maps and it is OK with the release 44-201610170, replacing 44-201610130, the map file size is 4MB, which is better than "<1MB" !

    After 4 retries I have finally downloaded it, and this map seems to be OK for me : roads, buildings an POIs, I've haven't found any problem after a few tests.

    Thank you very much for this great "fix", the missing map for the last months was really annoying when I went to other cities I don't know well.

    Thanks again :-)

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