Where (in which folder) are OSM maps stored? Dir changeable?
  • Mapfactor Navigator downloads and uses e.g. OpenStreetMap maps.

    Where exactly are these maps stored on an Android v6 tablet?

    Can I somehow change the directory where the maps should be stored?





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  • android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data

    you cannot change folder, it is restricted by Android

  • @tomas Hmm, just tested, seems you are correct. On navigator 2.2.44 with Marshmallow (6.0.1) you're still presented with the choice where you would like the maps:
    Settings: Map Manager: Change installation SD-Card
    - Internal Storage
    - External SD Card 1

    Upon choosing SD Card 1, all OSM maps are copied to SD Card 1, not moved. When removing maps from Internal Storage navigator, navigator wants to download OSM maps again and will not work with maps on External SD Card 1.

    If v6 is detected is would it not be better not to present this option? As now its only a kind of backup?
  • are you sure about this?
    may be something wen wrong?
  • Yes, you see the copying going on. But the folder on internal is left intact with all maps in it. I deleted these files (all), Upon navigator restart you  get message no maps and get asked to download and if you don't download any navigator stops (exit).
    I'll try today with android V5 to see what happens there with that folder and its contents and report back.
  • I tested it and Navigator does move files
    problem is that Windows File explorer does not refresh until you disconnect/reconnect Android device
  • Done test again after doing this powered of the device and restarted android 6.0.1.
    I'm finding OSM maps in Device on 2 places
    - /Tablet/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data
     when deleting above; navigator tells me no maps and want to download maps? [Cancel] closes navigator.
    - /Card/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data

    This would indicate (think) navigator is looking/getting maps from /Tablet/ and not SD /Card/

    Other items found on SD Card:
    - atlas.idc
    - dbs.map
    - default_album.style
    - default_editor.xml
    - default_teleatlas.map
    - navigation.xml
    - scheme_editor.map
    - tts.xml

    under 6.0.1 files are not moved but copied and left on its origin?
    placing [data] back into /Tablet/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/
    navigator functions again.
    deleting /Card/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator has no influence at all.

    ps.: enclosed with square brackets represents [folder]

  • I tested on Android 6.01 and found no problem
  • There is no problem:
    6.0.1 is not working with maps on external SD card. It only copies the files there and keeps on using maps on internal storage.
  • it works with my SD on Android 6.01
    I am not sure why it would not for you - may be you set it as adoptable storage?
  • I can confirm that Navigator works on Android 6.0.1 on both of my devices, Sony M4 Aqua and Samsung S4 on the external SD card in the above mentioned folders with no problem.

  • SD comes up as portable storage (120 GB)
    I have the navigator app running on internal storage.
    When using navigator: settings: Map manager: Change installation SD-Card and change the internal Storage to External SD card 1 the app tells it moves the maps: it doesn't.
    The osm maps are left on internal storage and copied to SD card 1.
    Navigator works, when you now delete/remove
    navigator stops working.
    Indicating navigator does not use the maps on SD card 1.

    I have the feeling we are talking alongside each other.
  • I uninstalled Navigator, reinstalled to internal storage and downloaded UK, speed cameras and sounds
    then from Map manager moved to SD1 - Navigator was showing moving files
    all was moved correctly as expected

    Samsung Note 4 Edge, Android 6.01
  • yes it is, when checking now you will noticed that items moved from internal to SD1 are still on internal.
    When running Navigator still internal files are used and not the ones on SD1.
    Stop navigator.
    If present on internal delete: Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data
    start navigator again.
    If asked for maps to download, you have the same situation: only internal storage is used.
    I always end up with DATA in 2 locations, only internal is used not SD1
    on Galaxy Tab S2 - SM-T810, Marshmallow (6.0.1), ARMv7-A
  • sorry, but after I moved data to SD1, all maps are on SD1 and none on Internal storage
    in fact, the whole navigator folder disappeared from internal storage
  • That should not happen if you indicate only maps should be on SD1?
    Did you use the android application management => Storage => Used storage settings to move the app from internal to SD1?
  • I used Navigator > Settings > Map manager > Change installation SD-Card
  • Don't now what to say, done procedure again and obtained log after doing so.

    the logged procedure:
    File (2.25 KB total) navigator_160823_075416.log.txt.zip
    Will be deleted on 30 August, 2016
    Download link: https://we.tl/elMuBesUcE

    Device Storage:
  • please set high debug and then try to move maps
  • just noticed: when going back to Change installation SD-Card:
    Internal Storage remains selected.

    as requested:
    Files (9.65 KB total) ChangeInstallationSD-Card-HighLevelDebug.zip
    Will be deleted on 30 August, 2016
    Download link: https://we.tl/uzjYEj41Yl

  • I am not expert on this, but may be sobody else can explain this

    DMP 16/08/23 10:26:04
    (JAVA) SDCards:Mount point
    removed because
    /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files is the same

  • @tomas - this is part of SD card detection - Android OS has possibility to access one SD card by more path

    To prevent showing big amount of SD cards in Navigator there is test to detect if one path is the same SD card
  • The android 6.0.1 (SM-T810) reports only in settings (Dutch OS):
    - Apparaatgeheugen (device memory)
    - SD-Kaart (sd-card)
    - Apparaatopslag (Device Storage)
    - SD-Kaart (sd-card)
    sd-card is external here
  • This is indeed a big issue of Android over the several versions and per device implementation. On android versions 2.x and 3.x it was even worse.
    Internal memory is mostly: "/storage/emulated/0/......" or /mnt/sdcard/..."

    External memory (the real sdcard) is mostly: "/storage/extSdCard/..."
    But thse are not golden rules and sometimes differ (my sons Honor phone for example)

    And then there are devices without an external SDcard slot and they still "seem to" partition internal memory as internal and external memory, and present it like that to the user, while it actually mounts the same (internal) partition for both internal and external as presented to the user.
  • @Jan_Gruuthuse: As you are using linux you can see that the actual partition displayed, regardless the name, is [usb: 002,009]. So the same partition mounted with a different name?

    If you do connect your tablet to linux and your go into a terminal and type "dmesg | tail"
    What do you see? What device with which partitions are mounted?

    Edit: sorry. I was wrong. The number of folders and files is different in your screenshots.
    Nevertheless. Could you try the "dmesg | tail" command?
  • [11078.762252] usb 2-1.8: Product: SAMSUNG_Android
    [11078.762254] usb 2-1.8: Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
    [11078.762256] usb 2-1.8: SerialNumber: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [11082.058682] usb 2-1.8: USB disconnect, device number 16
    [11082.261693] usb 2-1.8: new high-speed USB device number 17 using ehci-pci
    [11082.355627] usb 2-1.8: New USB device found, idVendor=04e8, idProduct=6860
    [11082.355631] usb 2-1.8: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
    [11082.355634] usb 2-1.8: Product: SAMSUNG_Android
    [11082.355635] usb 2-1.8: Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
    [11082.355637] usb 2-1.8: SerialNumber: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    It uses MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) on USB, phone = usb: 002,009, not storage.

  • Filezilla shows:
    /storage/emulated/0 <= Internal Storage
    /storage/31A4-F8C2 <= SD-card external
  • 2.2.51 does not solve the issue, do you require new log?
  • it is difficult, it works for everybody else
    email logs if you want
  • recieved logs and passed to developers
  • @Jan_Gruuthuse:
    You mention some posts ago that you configured your SD-card as "portable storage". That's not right. In Android 6 portable storage only allows for pictures and media, NOT data.

    (and there are more links about this issue/feature).

  • that is why I asked if it is not set as adoptable storage
  • @hvdwolf thanks, will off load sd-card and see if I can go away from portable storage.
  • If I have the choice?
    "only the HTC One A9 and Moto X Pure/Style have Marshmallow and external storage options"
    I did have some aps running from the portable storage. Like GPS test, Pumps.ie, SSHDroid, ...
  • Choice between portable or internal storage does not present itself on Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810. On format it is Portable.
  • Something else is going on. As I can place several apps as running from SD card, even when formated as portable. How can you tell mapfactor is effectively running from external sd-card and not device storage?
    Whatever I do, I always endup with Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator on both storages.

    Navigator on Device:
    moving to SD Card via Android 6.0.1 app management:

    navigator running on external SD Card according app management?
  • You have very special hardware :)

    In your Android settings itself you should have some option for Storage (Opslag). Does that mention anything about internal memory and external memory and how it is allocated?
  • Nope:
    Droid Info: Internal External
    Storage (opslag) Apparaat (Device) Portable (Draagbare)

  • And if you install one of the other nav apps like Osmand, Magic Earth, Maps.me, Navmii or so and install 1-2 maps. Do they move the maps to the external sd-card?

    That would also rule out whether it is a Navigator error or not.
  • Magic Earth installed via google play. Tested map Belgium and France pas de Calais, Netherlands.
    Device storage
    /Android/data/com.generalmagic.magicearth/files/download/ is empty

    - AudioRes
    - Tempoary
    - Res
    - AudioRes
    - Acq
    - Modules
    - Maps
      - Netherlands_553648134.cmap
      - Belgium_58720262.cmap
      - Francenordpasdec...ais_262152198.cmap
    - Landmarks
    - Recent

    are found
  • Yes, that is how it should be. Although on my device I also have a 35MB containing folder MAGICEARTH in the root of my internal memory.

  • Maps: Preferred way SD card, the App stays on the device.

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