Cash making ideas to keep the free parts free.
  • Hi,  I have been using Navigator Free for years now, and have used it on 3 continents and around 16 countries with openstreetmap data.  Superb.

    In the interests of keeping the superb free app I have a couple of "in app" purchase ideas you may like. (I have just bought the alternate routes)

    1. "Road ahead closed" emergency button.
    You can disable links, but its a bit of a fag, especially when a road is closed for 2 or more or unknown junctions.  Its also a bit useless as the system just tries to re-route you to the next junction when a sideways step is needed as the obvious alternate routes are similarly blocked.  Thus I suggest an emergency button on the navigation and overview map screens which produces an input form with two options:
    a) Current road closed for [    ] miles. (Enter miles)
    b) Avoid current road completely.
    If (a) selected the system can either run you parellel until clear and then return you to route, or just take you on a completely different route if quicker (systems choice).
    If (b) the system will select the different route straight away.  (b) is usefull if you have some inkling as to where you are and that there are potential altrnatives.  You can just say "dump and run" onto the nearest alternative.

    Alternate routes often jam up as well as everyone else has the same idea, so the ability to hit the button a few times would be essential.  e.g. when the M5 seizes up north of Bristol the A38 which runs parallel also seizes up.

    2. Slooow traffic re-route.
    With reportedly over 10million installs you should have enough users to monitor traffic speeds on roads.  Users with a mobile data connection can upload live speed, road and direction data (say every 5 mins - minified file).  Users without a live data link (like me) can upload a summary averages file when a data link becomes available. Say averages for journey every 5 minutes with time of day.  If it was me I would make this a condition of the free version that you share routing averages at the end of the trip.

    The system then downloads traffic information and speeds for the route ahead and re-routes accordingly.  Those with a live data link get in journey re-routing.  Those without get average speed updates when link available (i.e. at Costa coffee :-)

    You then charge for access to the live data as follows:
    £1 for 2 weeks
    £2 for one month
    £6 for six month
    £9 for 12 months

    I would happily cough up £1 at the start of my holiday, I would even buy some live mobile data if I thought it would help navigate around Holiday traffic nightmares!  I used to travel commercially, and I would have been happy to subscribe annually in those days.

    Subscriptions are a good regular source of income worth considering.

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  • did you try to press screen for 2s during navigation?
    you should get Detour dialog box

    HD traffic is under development, please be patient

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