Deleted destination -> last step is the destination
  • Hi,

    Please, add this function :)

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  • I agree with MacDony that you should be able to choose a new destination, but not automatically.

    If there is no destination in the route anymore, please make it so that by tapping on one of the waypoints you have the option to set it as destination.
    And this destination is not necessarilly the last waypoint but could (theoretically) be any waypoint in the list.
  • I am not sure that this is good idea, what if you do not want to move it?
    may be Set destination after clicking on a waypoint
  • [quote]may be Set destination after clicking on a waypoint[/quote] Good point!
  • POIs are in a file imported from a road book.
    If I do not have time to go to the destination, I must change the destination without any redone.
  • If I want only part of an imported file, after deleting the steps I do not want to do, I must be able to put the new final destination.

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