Suzuki Ertiga Gps maps
  • hi guys and gals I am Bob just joined this site today ! I am in the philippines
    I have just got a new 2016 Suzuki Ertiga and yes the SD card and maps are an optional extra at 8200 pesos which is 123  UK Pounds or $177  even though the head unit has gps navigation built in
    its a nice car but the aftersales service !! we are still having to wait a month for seat covers !! 
    would anyone know what gps maps I can use for this I was told it was a Garmin unit but it turns out it is not as after downloading garmin maps onto an SD card it says " no navi maps !! "

    any help would be appreaciated................... Bob
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  • my guess is that it is proprietary and you have to pay to use it
    please check OS, it may be Android or Windows based - then you can use Navigator

  • Same situation as robert. Appreciate any info on where can I get gps map for Ertiga 2016

  • Your car dealer is your best bet. Or try on ebay.
    But since you need 2016 maps there will be probably no used items.

    So don't expect low prices, for example 2012 Europe maps (new disc) for my old Jaguar cost about 200 euro on ebay and 300 in official store...
  • @sun1 and @sobrus:  These are propietary maps. So don't ask questions on this forum that lead to illegal actions.  The fact that @robertkeem2015 mentions they cost 123 UK Pounds makes that very clear.

    @tomas: Can you please remove these posts from the forum? If they exchange these maps, Mapfactor could be accused for allowing and stimulating illegal software exhange actions. The chances are not that big, but better take actions and warn the users that it is not allowed to do so on this forum.
    Better save than sorry.

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