Echo with MapFactor on car stereo
  • Hello!

    I use MapFactor on my phone Samsung S3 joined to my car stereo with Blue Tooth.
    I have check "sound volume custom" in expert options because, when I use MapFactor I also listen my playlist in the same time and I have to adjust the volume of each app (MapFactor and Musicplay).

    But why I hear the MapFactor announcements in first on my phone and in second time on my stereo car? 
    That is a very unpleasant echo with MapFactor but not with the song on my app MusicPlay.

    And if I lower the global sound level of my phone I don't hear my playlist musics.

    Is there a solution?

    Thanks a lot
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  • Hello !

    Nobody have a solution for the echo with MapFactor and Samsung S3 connected to stereo car with Blue Tooth?
  • you can try this app:
    it has some function to reroute system sound(I havent own experiences with this app). I am not sure if it is working with synthetized voices.
  • Hello!

    Thanks for your answer but it's not the solution for my problem.
    I tested with this app but the echo is always here.

    I'm very surprise that nobody have this problem: the MapFactor announcements are in first go out of my Samsung S3 speaker then, after 1 at 2 seconds, goes out of my stereo car speakers connected with Blue Tooth and create an echo. 

    But, if I think that Blue Tooth made this delay (and produce this echo), why the other Androïd apps (example: Music Player) automatically stop the sound of my Samsung S3 speaker (and delete this echo) when I connect my stereo car with Blue Tooth?

    Isn't it a MapFactor problem?

    Do I ask a new feature ????

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